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Curtain Walling System
  • Curtain Walling is a high-performance glass system, with strong aluminium profiles, it creates an impressive expanse of glass that enhance the aesthetics view of a building.

  • Several drainage methods including mullion and zonal.

  • Large range of box sizes to optimise small to large spans of glazing.

  • Glass or spandrel panel in range from 6mm - 50mm thick.

  • Available in single or dual colour option, polyester powder coating and anodised finishes.


Enclosed balconies or Winter garden screens

Windoor Systems

  • A functional and elegant balcony system designed for new build, extension, infill or refurbishment. For refurbishment projects, it can be used whether a previous balcony existed or not.

  • A complete solution from top to bottom. The upper part of the balcony system consists of sliding and folding glass whilst the lower part consists of slender powder-coated aluminium profiles. There is a wide choice of materials for the elements. Laminated glass can be clear, coloured or opaque. In addition to glass a range of alternative materials are available including Alcubond, Formica or Composite Aluminium.

  • A truly bespoke balcony system, it will be constructed according to customer requirements with regard to architecture and finish.  We have many examples to provide inspiration and options within design are extensive.

  • The glass panels can be either single or double glazed, single glazing offers the flexibility of framed Silhouette or unframed Light panels. Double glazing can be supplied with a slightly more robust frame Shadow which is a non-thermal solution.

Enclosing the balcony maximises the following benefits:

  • Unheated space - air temperature rises as a result of passive solar gain.

  • Solar Energy - is absorbed by walls and floors, providing heat radiation during the day/evening.

  • Protection - from the environment. (Wind, rain, noise)

  • Buffer-zone - is created reducing inside and outside temperature differential.

  • Natural ventilation - trickle vent allows fresh air movement and reduces condensation.

  • Drainage - of water ingress is managed.


Aluminium External & Timber Internal Composite Windows & Doors

  • Windows are produced from traditional wood of pine, oak and larch and other types of woods and are aluminium framed from the outside. Aluminium coating is resistant to humidity, UV radiation and dust.

  • Composite aluminium and wood windows can be painted with all colours of the RAL palette, and they can also be covered with gold, bronze, silver or other materials.

  • Composite aluminium and wood windows can have various sizes and shapes and they can be in line with all styles and any exterior.

  • Double or triple glazed available.

  • Inwards and Outwards opening.

  • Fully reversible opening sash.

  • Tilt & Turn inwards opening sash.

  • Single and double sash balcony/French doors.

  • Sliding doors.


Aluminium Windows & Doors

  • High level of thermal and acoustic performance.

  • Glass units with a thickness up to 43 mm are available.

  • Wide variety of configurations.

  • Wide range of colours, available in single or dual colour options.

  • Inwards and Outwards opening.

  • Fully reversible opening sash.

  • TBT tilt-before-turn.

  • Single and double sash balcony doors.

  • Sliding doors.

  • Bi-fold doors.

  • Commercial doors.

Aluminium Windows and Doors

UPVC Windows & Doors

  • High level of thermal performance.

  • Multi-chamber with steel reinforced profiles. 

  • Wide range of colours.

  • High security multi-point locking & shoot bolts. 

  • Cost effective option.

  • Reversible windows.

  • Tilt & Turn windows.

  • Casement windows.

  • Single and double sash balcony/French doors.

  • Sliding doors.

  • Bi-fold doors.

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